About VOLUME 2

Continuing the Journey

Volume 2 is a continuation of our life’s journey as young adults beginning with Chapter 24. This is how we started out in life as a newly married couple in Boonville, Missouri, where we made our first home. Volume 1, comprising Chapters 1-23 are located at Here’s My Side of the Story, and is about our childhood in our hometown, Hannibal, Missouri. In that volume we write about our ancestors, families, and what it was like growing up in oft-flooded Hannibal, Missouri, boyhood home of Mark Twain.

Volume 2 follows our journey through the thick and thin of life’s struggles, challenges and rewards. I write this in order to provide my grandchildren with glimpses into what it was like to live in those bygone days of the last half of the twentieth century, and the early twenty-first. Perhaps, one day they will enjoy this insight, and understand what a privilege it is for me to pass on the history of our families.

Much of this content is under development.

Chapter 24 – Lea’s Tate Ancestry
Chapter 25 – Boonville MO
Chapter 26 Danville to Indianapolis
Chapter 27 – Moberly & Mexico
Chapter 28 – Holts Summit MO
Chapter 29 – Chillicothe Radio
Chapter 30 – Indianapolis to Noblesville
Chapter 31 – Central Indiana Railroading
Chapter 32 – Asher Goodrich Walton
Chapter 33 – The Asher Walton House
Chapter 34 – Surviving God’s Woodshed
Chapter 35 – Hartford to Noblesville
Chapter 36 – Austin, Texas
Chapter 37 – Return to Hannibal MO

About Volume 3

Volume 3 is dedicated to the memories of family members who have served in the U.S. military in World Wars I & II. I would also like to acknowledge family members who later served in the U.S. military, and those who have dedicated themselves to public service, or contributed in some way to the common good. Volume 3, at this writing, comprises the following research and records, and also refers to my own father’s service in Volume I Chapter 15.

  • Chapter 38 – U.S. Navy In World War II
  • Chapter 39 – James Joseph Hoffman (Navy WWII)
  • Chapter 40 – Robert Dean Niemeyer (Navy WWII)
  • Chapter 41 – Voices of Bombing Squadron VB-19 (WWII)
  • Chapter 42 – U.S. Navy Armed Guard (Navy WWII)
  • Chapter 43 – August Lee Bergmeier (Navy WWII)
  • Chapter 44 – Rainbow Division in WWII (U.S. Army-Europe)
  • Chapter 45 – Wallace Benjamin White Jr (U.S. Navy)

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